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Online calculator: Square root calculation
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Calculate the square root of a number

The calculator automatically calculates the square root of the indicated number. The notation is √. For example, the square root notation of 9 is √9.

What is a square root?

The square root of a number 'x' corresponds to the number 'y' which can be multiplied by itself and which will result from the number 'x'. For example √9 = 3 because 3 * 3 = 3² = 9. Or if √x = y then y² = x.

Never negative

The radicand ('x' in √x) is always positive.


You can save the results by pressing the SAVE button.

Export in CSV

It is possible to export the backups in CSV format.

Erase everything

With the RESET button you can erase everything at once.

Calculate faster and use in external site

You can use a link pointing to this site. It will allow your users to know the square root of a number. Just use the link on this page and add "? A = 45" without quotation marks. The number 45 corresponds to the one to be calculated. Attention is quite strict, you must add after the link the "?", The "a", the "=" and the number. Do not add other characters otherwise it will not work.

For example you can calculate the square root of 4 by pointing to this link using the appropriate tag.

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