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Online calculator: Duration calculator
hou. min. sec.
hou. min. sec.

hou. min. sec.


Time lin. 1 Op. lin. 2

How to use the duration calculator?

The time calculator allows the addition or subtraction of sexagesimal numbers. The calculation of duration in hours, minutes and seconds is possible thanks to the application which takes into account the number of minutes in an hour and the number of seconds in a minute. That is 60 in both cases.

Getting started

Just use your mouse and keyboard. Indicate the elements necessary for the calculation in the corresponding boxes. For subtraction, it makes sense to put a larger hour in the first position. If the application detects a smaller time first, the SWITCH function is automatically used (it reverses the hours so it does not have a negative result). When this function is engaged, a pink background appears.

To erase all data click the RESET button.

Use the result

When you use the KEEP button, the application retains the result and transfers it to the first line.


Each operation of this online time calculator will be saved to a table. You can then export it in CSV format and integrate it into a spreadsheet. To know what the CSV format means, we invite you to click on the CSV format.

Example of use

Calculate the working time very quickly

If you are a part-time employee and want to calculate work time is done from 8:43 to 13:09, this calculator is for you (use the "SUBTRACT" button).

Calculate working time

The time is 4:26.

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